Life with and after cancer – an E-learning programme in cancer rehabilitation



An E-learning programme Life with and after cancer has been developed to support rehabilitation of patients with cancer and their relatives. The programme can be easily accessed online (


The aim of the E-learning programme is for patients and relatives to create personal reflections and interactions and to gain knowledge of three main topics: Fatigue, Pain and Psychological impact. Former patients have reported these three topics as the most important. The programme consists of short videos with patient experiences, healthcare professionals' input and text materials. To inspire patients and relatives, Life with and after cancer offers instructions for activities, mental exercises, physical activities, how to communicate in the family, advice and tools as well as useful links.

Departments treating patients with cancer in collaboration with Centre of E-Learning in Central Denmark Region have made the E-learning programme.


Immediately after launching the programme in June 2017, patients and relatives responded with great enthusiasm: "Super initiative! The short videos, the page is easy and clear, relevant topics, tools and links are really useful" (Patient). "To learn what comes after cancer. To live with a 'cured' cancer survivor is very hard. The webpage is informative and offers answers to many of the questions that arise" (Relative). Statistics show: October 2017(example): 581 unique visitors and 798 visits in total.

The programme has also been embraced by municipalities, Danish Cancer Society and patient organisations. 


The E-learning programme seems to meet the needs of patients with cancer and their relatives. We are now planning a study to investigate if and how patients and relatives profit from the programme and how it is used at hospitals and in municipalities. Suggested topics to be included in the programme in the future are: Employment and education, financial and social life issues.